Adult Education

The Unity movement, since its inception, has been a movement that prioritizes learning and growing through reading and discussing spiritual books together. For this reason, we value coming together in sacred community so that we can learn, grow, and transform on our spiritual path.

Spiritual Education and Enrichment (S.E.E.) is our program for adults. We value opportunities for individuals to ask questions, discuss, and reflect. We believe that when we create a safe space with one another, we are better able to deepen our spiritual practice and transform our lives for the better. Our classes are also one of the best ways to create connections with others and make lasting friendships.

All S.E.E. credit classes are taught by our Ministers or our Licensed Unity Teachers.  Additional non-credit classes and workshops also are offered by featured instructors to expand the range of class topics and opportunities for learning and engaging.

Sacred Circle Wednesday is held in the Sanctuary on Wednesday evenings. It is a time to gather in sacred community to do the work of healing and gathering. Rev. Sonja leads a meditation and then she facilitates discussions on “spiritual things,” to follow the words of our co-founder Myrtle Fillmore. The discussions are based on a spiritual book; however, reading the book is not a prerequisite for attendance.   

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is co-facilitated by two of the church’s lay leaders. It is also a safe and sacred space to learn, listen, and be heard.

For dates, times and additional details, please check our calendar.

Come learn, grow, and transform with us!

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